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The 2018 festival season is now complete  and the stage and marquee went out four times this Summer to our own events and other community festivals making them more successful and better for the audiences.

We are now looking for someone to purchase the  marquee and stage at events for 2018 or to take over its usage as Oliver’s arms are getting tired! We need someone who is sensible, practical, can manage the venue team to ensure the marquee is put up soundly and can tow the trailer. Could that be you? if so call Oliver for a chat on 07860-725771.  

Indeed we would now be up for selling the unit altogether so if you

Thanks again to all the lovely supporters who made this all possible by funding the new marquee and stage - in 2018 we made a donation of £1000 to the World Land Trust saving acres of rainforest in perpetuity.

Jigsaw Community Festivals is a not-for profit organisation set up in 2007 when we decided, as musicians, to create our own festival as an interesting place to play. The Wichenford Blues Festival was a success but it rained and we decided that if we were going to do this regularly we’d need to invest in a marquee.

Ten years later our marquee and stages have been used at over 40 festivals so we’re getting pretty good at it. Our marquee and/or stage have also been used at six Upton Blues Festivals (a Registered Charity itself) which has now expanded to a level our kit isn’t big enough (which is rather marvellous) and a number of other local and not-for-profit events. Jigsaw Community Festivals is a registered Not-for-Profit organisation and is proud to have donated £6000 so far to the World Land Trust.

Jigsaw Community Festivals has been supported by Elmley logo BIG_E_HI_BLUE_CMYK

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